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Land of Wonder

I’ve felt the pull of Africa since I was young. My grandparents traveled twice to South Africa in the early ’60s & I was entranced with the stories they treated us grandkids to each time they returned. We’d squeeze together on the floor in the darkened living room, & the carousel of slides – one after the other – would begin. I knew someday I would visit Africa.

Well, it took me a bit longer than I thought, but I finally made it – to the Maasai Mara region in southwest Kenya just across the Mara River from Tanzania’s famous Serengeti. I felt my grandparents alongside me, especially my grandpa. He was an amateur photographer. And, like me…I imagine he saw the perfect shot everywhere he looked.

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I’d love to hear stories from other safari adventurers. And, if you’ve got tips for this photography hack, please shoot any & all pointers my way.

Cheers to all for a terrific 2013!

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