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Travel splurge…& more

I’m itching to go somewhere. Soon. I browse blogs with tales of people I haven’t met – living their lives in places I’ve not been. I thumb through glossy brochures. The exquisite photography is eye candy.

Realistically, I know I need to stay put this year. I logged a lot of miles in 2012. I set the brochures aside…and did the logical thing. Scratched the travel itch with a little online shopping for something to remind me of all I love about discovering unknown places.

While checking out a travel blog, I stumbled upon Tieks. Tieks had me at their tagline (great copy grabs even us marketers – ok, especially us marketers):

“Designer flats you can fit in your purse and wear all day, every day.”

The deal was sealed when I discovered the company foundation has donated almost a half a million dollars to Kiva, providing loans to entrepreneurial women in third world countries with dreams & plans to improve their families’ lives. With my love for everything African, picking the giraffe Tieks seemed just a little serendipitous.

I could hardly wait to get my Tieks blue box dropped on my doorstep. Tieks didn’t disappoint.


Tieks knows how to draw you in. What girl wouldn’t love this beautiful Tieks blue box encircled with a glittery flower bow?


These little leather ballet flats fold up to about the size of a wallet. Clever. Convenient.


The teal non-slip sole grips are unmistakably Tieks. Gotta love the branding.


Slipped them on & don’t want to take them off. They’re that comfortable & cute.

My travel itch is now just a little bit satisfied. With my giraffe Tieks gracing my tootsies, I dream of the next time I am racing through terminals on my way to an unknown wonder-filled place. My feet will thank me for wrapping them in comfort & style. Until then, I think I’ll take a walk-about in the 515.

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Dian Fossey’s work lives on

Dian Fossey was smiling down from the heavens today on Nyange School as the Art of Conservation team introduced the AoC kids to Fossey’s important work to save mountain gorillas & her efforts to work with local communities to end poaching of gorillas & other wildlife. AoC teachers led the kids in a discussion about poaching & what to do should they come across people mistreating animals.


AoC volunteer Ellen Strachota – binoculars & notebook in hand – mimics Dian Fossey’s field work for AoC kids to draw.

To reinforce today’s lesson, AoC kids drew & used water colors to paint pictures of other forest animals considered “vulnerable”, including the tree hyrax & black-fronted duiker.


AoC artist, Eusebe, gently assists students with their artistic expressions.

One of the coolest things about AoC is their holistic approach to working with schools. In addition to their health & conservation enrichment program, AoC gifted the rain catchment systems at Nyange & Rushubi schools, providing supply of fresh water for the schools & communities for hand washing stations & cleaning. The water can be boiled for good drinking water.



Ni ah’ubutaha [“so long” in Kinyarwandan].

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